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ISO to define quality norms for call centre services -

Close on the heels of the US and European backlash on outsourcing of services, International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has mooted setting up more quality standards on information technology (IT) including some on call centres and move ment of people. India , however, is lukewarm to the proposal, given the sensitive and controversial nature of the subject "We need to initiate formation of international standards on call centres given the fact that these have become a major source of business all over the world", ISO Secretary-General Alan Bryden said adding "security services including tracking the movement of people too have to be standardised". At present on a visit here, he said, India , being a leader in the call centre business, would definitely not like to be a follower in framing these standards. However, Director General, Bureau of India Standards (BIS) Nirmal Singh said the issue is very sensitive and "we have so far not committed to anything". Once specific ISO standards are fixed, they will be used as a benchmark for quality of services provided and also linked to pay scales. So far the IT and call centre industry has been allowed to develop without linking them to any standardisation, he added. Bryden said some countries do have national standards for call centre services but no international standard. "To initiate the process of setting up a standard, a market study is first conducted to establish that creating a standard in a particular sector is needed. At least five members of the ISO should concur with the proposal of having a standard", he said. Source:

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